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Bali Diving


During the 2008 season, The SV Mona Lisa will carry out routes mixing discovery and diving in the Komodo National Park and in Rajah Empat area, two of the most beautiful terrestrial and sub marines sites in the world. Leisure of diving expeditions are organized every week.
Our Leisure and diving expeditions, on the SV Mona Lisa are “unique” adventures.
In the Komodo National Park with its wildlife and particularly the famous “dragons” in their natural habitat or in the gorgeous archipelago of Rajah Empat, our guests will enjoy the dives or snorkeling in a crystalline water which shades one of the greatest biological underwater diversities in the world.

Cruising in and around the Komodo National Park and Raja Empat, our
guests enjoy private excursion on white sand beaches, fishing and
trekking escorted by the park rangers to discover the wildlife which
includes the “dragons” for Komodo, but also deers, monkeys and wild
birds. For the passionate of environment, our professional Dive Masters organize diving every day on the best Komodo and Raja Empat spots. Out of the 200 dives spot that we have explored, there are diving locations for all levels and tastes, containing drift dives (in the current) to see “big” fishes, but also macro environment living in the Indonesian seas: For the non-divers, most of the diving sites are available for fantastic snorkeling.