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Bali Dive Sites - Tepekong

Tepekong is a very small island (only about 3000 m2) with 2 or 3 diving sites. Sometimes when the current is right, you can explore the whole underwater sites in just 2-3 dives of Tepekong. The west sideof Tepekong offers a slight drop off and some underwater reef structure that is very rich in underwater life. Sharks are quite common at Tepekong. The current is unpredictable and at some point changing directions which may include strong undertow and surge. Some divers call this site "the Toilet Bowl " Sunfish / Mola Mola are also regular visitors. Water is generally crystal clear with visibility of more than 20m. Tepekong area is among the best, yet the most challenging. We usually take more precautions when bringing inexperienced divers diving in Tepekong

Gili Biaha

A 15 minutes "Jukung" ride from gili Tepekong to the north. Back roll is usually the best entry method to enter the water. The current is quite wild here; sometimes it can form a whirlpool. Some walls & slopes with a very healthy reef surround the entire Biaha island. The wall is black with abundant soft coral in some areas. There are lots of small marine life compared to Mimpang and Tepekong . Sharks are also common, although not as many as at Mimpang


Mimpang dive site is just 5 minutes away from Tepekong Island . It offers similar characteristics to Gili Tepekong with a specialty of Shark Diving. During 90% of the dives we made here, we see Sharks at around 18 to 23m, sometimes more than 10 Sharks. There are many Trigger Fishes, and schools of everything, the fish life is exceptionally rich. The current may be tricky, but negotiable. Sunfish / Mola Mloa are regular visitors especially from July to September. Mimpang / Tepekong dive location are a great place to see something "big".